Camp Rumbug Expectations

Camp Rumbug Expectations

The stuff that I want to get out of camp are


  • Get closer to my friends and make more friends
  • Have fun  
  • Learn new skills
  • Experience a different lifestyle in the country
  • Try new food


I Hope I’m Anticipating To Looking Forward To I hope I Get …. out of Camp
That I have a good activity group and cabin

I have fun

I hope the food is decent

The Canoeing

The Archery

The Giant Swing

Make new friends

Get closer to people


The best part…. was when we walked across mud on a tightrope while people stretched ropes so it was stiff and you held onto them and tried to get across and not fall in the drink.

The funniest thing…. was when Ms Van Eyk fell out of the canoe and into the water or when Brandon P stunk out the toilet/bathroom

The hardest part was…. when we had to walk up the steep hills or when we were wet and cold and we had to stay wet and cold for the rest of the activities until the end of the day

Something I learned…. is not to shake the rope or they will do it back to you  

Someone I got to know better…. Brandon P, Jacob W, Jack C and Riley G

Something that surprised me….. was the disco was actually fun and I had a good time with some friends

Most memorable part….. was when we did the trust exercises (especially the mud walk)

Term 3 Reflection – Inquiry

How do stories of the past help us to understand the present?

I think it helps us a little bit when we think “I wonder when that was invented and when it was made and then you find out when this was made and that is good.“ The other thing is that when you hear people like your grandparents and your parents talk about people in there time so for eg. My mum was talking about Edith Cowan and a had no idea and the after this term I now know.


This term we did Australian history and we had to do a famous Australian Political Figure for our PLT and I chose to study John Howard. I learnt a lot about John Howard and other people from classmates presentation.


  • John Howard was the man who introduced gun law to Australia and ever since that day there hasn’t been any fatal shootings.



We also learnt about federation and the history of it and about parliament. We went to the city and went to the parliament house and did a roll play of a debate and we did debates in our class.


  • During a debate there are three speakers and the first one sums up what he and the other speakers are going to speak about. You also rebut and if you don’t know what that is it is where you take notes on another speaker ( the second speaker takes notes on the other second speaker ) and then they say what they think about their key points.



Key Facts About History of Election

It was really harsh what they did.


  • Women couldn’t vote vote
  • You had to be 21
  • Torres Strait Islanders couldn’t vote



I really enjoyed this term and learning about politics and Australian history and I’m glad I now understand Parliament and how to to debates and make really strong and I think it will help with my persuasive writing.




RIO 2016 Australia vs France ~ Women’s Basketball

olympic-rings-on-whiteJack P
JP’s Sport Update  

10th of August 2016

Australia vs France Women’s Basketball


The Aussie Women Heading to win Gold – Womens Basketball

The Aussies and the French are both great teams and have always seemed to matchup well against each other. And with both teams in good form it was set to be an exciting game!

Both teams were playing with a lot of aggression, both wanting to win. With both teams putting up a strong fight it was looking to be a close game, but the Aussies had the upper hand with the whole team stepping up and all making a difference.

Australian Penny Taylor was having a great game at both ends of the court and France’s Olivia Epoupa was a star on the offencive end. Both teams battled it out to the final siren but the Aussies were too good and experienced for France.  It was a great game to watch really intense and aggressive game.

The end score was AUS 89 – FRANCE 71

Australian Federal Election 2016

Today my class collected data on the 2016 federal election. This is a graph to show you what the results were.

Screenshot 2016-08-11 at 12.52.48 PM



  • The Labor had less seats won than Liberal – 69 to 76
  • The Labor had 4.7 million votes
  • The Liberal had 3.8 million
  • The Greens has 1.3 million


Why do people like Labor?


Food Review

Food Review


Scotty Dogs Healthy Cafe

The combinations are different but effective. You can try so much stuff but I would have to recommend bringing a peeler if you plan on eating carrot. The reason why is there is still skin on the carrot and it is simply revolting, harsh but true. A few popular foods/combinations are the carrot and hommus dip ( remember the peeler ), salatas and hommus dip and finally seaweed biscuits and  tzatziki. dip.


We have seven items on the menu, salatas, seaweed biscuits, blueberries, carrot, hommus dip, eggplant dip, tzatziki dip.


This restaurant has mostly fat free food and I would highly recommend this restaurant.

Pretty Little Liars – Review

Pretty Little Liars – Review

This week in class we’ve been learning how to do reviews and I chose to do a review on Pretty Little Liars, hope you enjoy.


Main Characters: Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell, Ashley Benson, Troian Bellisario & Sasha Pieterse


Rating: 4.5 stars


Where Is It Set: Rosewood Pennsylvania ( about 20 minutes outside of Philadelphia ), a place with a lot of trees and woods.


Summary: As the time passed since Alison, the queen bee of their group went missing Aria, Hannah, Emily and Spencer have grown apart. After 1 year Alison’s body was found and all the girls had started to be friends again. They all later started to receive anonymous messages and notes from A who threatened to reveal all of there their secrets but the girls were sure only Alison knew them. Who is A and how does he or she know everything?


My Favorite Episode:

The first secret, season 2 episode 13 – because Alison pranks them on Halloween and they find out there are more than one A.


What I Like:

  • The mystery of Alison
  • The drama in all the relationships and people’s personal lives
  • I liked that they kept everyone wondering who A was


What I Dislike:

  • It’s not on normal TV
  • They do a big build up for a scary part and then nothing happens

Overall I think this TV show is really good and has a very good mystery, I would highly recommend this show.

Jp out

Prime and Composite Numbers

Today in maths my class learnt about prime and composite numbers and learnt what they meant.

I made a ToonDoo and that should show you what the meanings are.

Screenshot 2016-05-24 at 1.23.41 PM

I hope you guys all learnt something about prime and composite numbers.

Jp out

Food and Culture

I live in Australia and some of our countries traditions are …


  • Super Markets
    • Wollworths
    • Coles
    • ALDI
  • Take away food
    • Grill’d
    • McDonald’s
    • KFC
    • Hungry Jacks
    • Red Rooster
    • Subway
  • Dinners
    • Spaghetti
    • Meat, potatoes and vegetables
    • BBQ: Sausages, steak, potatoes, chicken wings etc.



  • Artists
    • Charlie Puth
    • One Direction
    • Katy Perry
    • Justin Bieber
    • Taylor Swift
    • Ed Sheran
    • Cold Play
    • 5 Seconds of Summer






  • Rip Curl
  • Billabong
  • Speedo
  • Bonds
  • Cotton On
  • Country Road
  • Globe International
  • Quicksilver
  • Supr’e


These are some of the things that are popular in our country and I hope you learnt a lot.

Leave a comment on what some of your traditions in your country.

Jp out