RIO 2016 Australia vs France ~ Women’s Basketball

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10th of August 2016

Australia vs France Women’s Basketball


The Aussie Women Heading to win Gold – Womens Basketball

The Aussies and the French are both great teams and have always seemed to matchup well against each other. And with both teams in good form it was set to be an exciting game!

Both teams were playing with a lot of aggression, both wanting to win. With both teams putting up a strong fight it was looking to be a close game, but the Aussies had the upper hand with the whole team stepping up and all making a difference.

Australian Penny Taylor was having a great game at both ends of the court and France’s Olivia Epoupa was a star on the offencive end. Both teams battled it out to the final siren but the Aussies were too good and experienced for France.  It was a great game to watch really intense and aggressive game.

The end score was AUS 89 – FRANCE 71

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