Term 3 Reflection – Inquiry

How do stories of the past help us to understand the present?

I think it helps us a little bit when we think “I wonder when that was invented and when it was made and then you find out when this was made and that is good.“ The other thing is that when you hear people like your grandparents and your parents talk about people in there time so for eg. My mum was talking about Edith Cowan and a had no idea and the after this term I now know.


This term we did Australian history and we had to do a famous Australian Political Figure for our PLT and I chose to study John Howard. I learnt a lot about John Howard and other people from classmates presentation.


  • John Howard was the man who introduced gun law to Australia and ever since that day there hasn’t been any fatal shootings.



We also learnt about federation and the history of it and about parliament. We went to the city and went to the parliament house and did a roll play of a debate and we did debates in our class.


  • During a debate there are three speakers and the first one sums up what he and the other speakers are going to speak about. You also rebut and if you don’t know what that is it is where you take notes on another speaker ( the second speaker takes notes on the other second speaker ) and then they say what they think about their key points.



Key Facts About History of Election

It was really harsh what they did.


  • Women couldn’t vote vote
  • You had to be 21
  • Torres Strait Islanders couldn’t vote



I really enjoyed this term and learning about politics and Australian history and I’m glad I now understand Parliament and how to to debates and make really strong and I think it will help with my persuasive writing.




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