Camp Rumbug Expectations

Camp Rumbug Expectations

The stuff that I want to get out of camp are


  • Get closer to my friends and make more friends
  • Have fun  
  • Learn new skills
  • Experience a different lifestyle in the country
  • Try new food


I Hope I’m Anticipating To Looking Forward To I hope I Get …. out of Camp
That I have a good activity group and cabin

I have fun

I hope the food is decent

The Canoeing

The Archery

The Giant Swing

Make new friends

Get closer to people


The best part…. was when we walked across mud on a tightrope while people stretched ropes so it was stiff and you held onto them and tried to get across and not fall in the drink.

The funniest thing…. was when Ms Van Eyk fell out of the canoe and into the water or when Brandon P stunk out the toilet/bathroom

The hardest part was…. when we had to walk up the steep hills or when we were wet and cold and we had to stay wet and cold for the rest of the activities until the end of the day

Something I learned…. is not to shake the rope or they will do it back to you  

Someone I got to know better…. Brandon P, Jacob W, Jack C and Riley G

Something that surprised me….. was the disco was actually fun and I had a good time with some friends

Most memorable part….. was when we did the trust exercises (especially the mud walk)

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