3 Ways Electricity Has Changed My Life

In 1879 an American inventor named Thomas Edison invented electricity.

We all know that electricity has changed the way we live today. If it wasn’t for electricity we wouldn’t have some stuff that is a must have for us these days. These are 3 ways electricity has changed our lives.



  • Air conditioning & heaters
  • On hot or cold days, I love either turning the air conditioning or the heater on but if it wasn’t for Thomas Edison we would have to make a fire of jump in the lake if we wanted to warm up or cool down.




  • Electronics / Devices
  • I love to watch the TV or go on the computer and play a few games but to do that you need to use electricity but if we didn’t have electricity we wouldn’t be able to watch TV or any of that stuff.




  • Hot Water
  • I like hot water when i’m in the shower and I also love to put my hands in hot water. But a lot of people use it to do the dishes so hot water is a big help to me and a lot of people.


Comment How Electricity Has Changed Your Life.

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We Should Have P.E. Lessons Everyday!

I strongly agree that we should do PE lessons everyday and there are many reasons why.


One reason is that the students can stay fit and active, and by being fit and active it will help keep your body healthy and your body ( bones ) will develop a lot better.


Another reason to hold PE lessons everyday might motivate people to do a sport or even just going to the park or on a walk on the weekend. And for the people that already do a weekend sport/activity, it might motivate them to try something new.


Finally, most people love doing sport or a fun game with their classmates. It is also good to be out in the sun and fresh air having fun and being happy.
At the end of the day, most people love sport and for the others, maybe they will start to like it. I think PE everyday is the way to go.

Comment what you think about school students doing sport everyday.

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All About My Buddy George

My buddys name is George and this is a bit about me

  • His favorite color is Blue
  • He love Soccer
  • His favorite food is meat Meat
  • He has toy smurfs
  • He likes Cartoons
  • His favorite day is Friday
  • He has two brothers & One sister
  • He has one dog called cookie
  • He likes playing tiggy with my sister
  • He is 5 years old
  • His favorite animal is a pig
  • He likes Wheres Wally

And that’s my buddy George


Who Am I

Hint: I am an animal

I am a vegetarian

I can be found in Africa, India, China and the zoo

I am the largest animal

I am usually grey

Hint: I have a big nose like a hose

I am a friendly animal

I can live for about 60 – 70 years of age

For fun I usually play in mud


Who Am I

Write down who you think I am in the comments


Zika Virus

Today in class we watched a video on BTN about the Zika Virus and we were asked to write a short opinion on it. So here it is


Will the Zika virus affect the attendance at the Olympic games, Rio, Brazil. The mosquitoes in many places mainly Brazil carry the Zika virus.


People are too worried about getting bit. The effects are only itchy eyes, rashes and sore joints. Pregnant women should probably avoid the outdoors for too long for the safety of their babies. If you go to the forest or dry land areas it would probably be a good idea to wear long clothes. No one has died from it so there’s no big deal. It doesn’t matter about some itchy eyes etc.

This is my opinion

So stop worrying!

Long Holiday Narrative

Holiday Story

On the 22nd to the 24th of January my basketball team and I played in a basketball tournament against other teams in Victoria. We won all of our games on the Friday and the Saturday and then advanced to the finals on Sunday.

Our first game on Sunday we played against Knox at Ringwood. We had a convincing win by 37 points against Knox. As a consequence we then made it through the semifinals against Diamond Valley at Eltham . We had drew with them at the end of the game and so we then had to go into overtime. Our team managed to get over the line by two points and then we would be into the grand final.
In the grand final we played against Hawthorn at Kilsyth and it was a really close game. Throughout the whole game both teams were neck and neck but near the end of the game we started to break away and we came away with the win!

The Drinkable Book

Today I watched a video called the drinkable book. When I watched this video I thought that the drinkable book was a great idea especially because it doesn’t cost much money to make the book and it would last 4 years for someone. How the book works is you get a piece paper ( its not normal paper ) and put it on top of the box and poor dirty water onto the paper. Then the water goes to the bottom of the box and it comes out as clean water. I hope this book helps lots of people without clean water.

If you want to watch the video copy the link below                                                                                                                           Jp out


Transit Programme

Today Leah and Chris from the Whitehorse city council came to our school to tell ( warn ) us about transport safety. They taught us about different types of transport and what and what not to do while using public transport.


The first thing they told us was all the different types of transport. The most common types of transport are bus, train, tram, walking and cycling.

The second thing they taught us was awareness around transport … stuff like looking when you’re crossing the road look ( pretty obvious ). Another thing they told us was to be aware of other people e.g. If your on the bus and you have a seat and an elderly or pregnant person are standing give up your seat for the elderly or pregnant person.

The last thing they taught us was environment. e.g. If you can walk or ride to your destination it’s better for the environment because it doesn’t let off green house gases and it’s better for your health as well.

JPEG ImageJPEG ImageJPEG Image

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G’day For A Ride ( Poem )

T’was a great day for a ride 

A sunny day outside

I’ll go to the garage and get my bike

It’s a bit too hot for a hike

I’ll go to the hills

Drop in at Bill’s

By the time I’m done my legs will kill

I’ll ride back home

And my legs will moan

I was quite a long ride

With some chips on the side

It was a hot and warm day

But I road all the way

St Luke’s Mini Fair

Today St. Luke’s had a mini fair to raise money for Bahuy Tuluyan. My grade did a chocolate throw. The chocolate throw was the most popular stand. Me and my friends won 4 blocks of chocolate, 12 mini chocolates and 4 bars of chocolate. Some of the other stands were face paint, lollies stall, healthy snacks, lucky dip, book stall, cake stall and toy stall. I thought the morning was really fun and I liked the chocolate throw and the cake stall the most. The money will go to a charity called Bahuy Tuluyan. Overall I though it was a great morning.

Jp out